Helpful Information About Alcohol Assessment Requirements

DWI Assessment Information

In the state of North Carolina, a  DWI Assessment is required of everyone who is convicted of Driving While Impaired (DWI). To receive a Limited Driving Privilege you must have a DWI Assessment. Only facilities licensed by the state of North Carolina to meet requirements can provide you this assessment to restore your drivers license.

You can choose any licensed NC DWI agency. D&A Assessment Services can assist you with your DWI assessment. We are a fully licensed NC DWI service.

The cost of all NC DWI Assessments  is established by the Legislature of the State of NC law at $100. No agency in the state of NC is allowed by law to charge you more or less than the lawful $100 fee.  

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What is a DWI Substance Use Assessment?

A DWI Substance Use Assessment is an assessment consisting of an interview by a Licensed or Certified Substance Use Counselor and a structured assessment questionnaire to determine if a person has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

We can assure you that by the end of the assessment, you will have a clear understanding of the entire process.

Just because you have been charged with a DWI, does not indicate or mean that you have an alcohol or drug problem.

Reasons for getting your DWI assessment done as soon as possible!

  • A DWI assessment is required prior to obtaining a Limited Driving Privilege. This assessment is always required to receive the privilege 10 days into the 30 day civil revocation.
  • It can shorten the period of time you can’t drive during your Civil Revocation.
  • You can complete the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles assessment requirements.
  • A DWI Assessment is a Mitigating Factor during your trial and can reduce the level of punishment, possibly helping to avoid active jail time.
  • You can know in advance where you stand with your DWI Substance Use Assessment requirements.

What we need from you to complete the DWI assessment:

  • A copy of your full, lifetime driving record from the DMV. The North Carolina full Driving Record costs $10.75.  If you can’t get one, D&A can order one for you while you are at our office. 
  • Verification of your Breathalyzer or blood test reading. You will probably have this with your ticket. This can also be obtained from your attorney, or the Clerk of Court. We can help you acquire this information.
  • Fee payment of $100 for the assessment in cash.